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Trademark “Rahmat – Bio Uzbekistan“ has the honor to present to your attention products being manufactured at our healthy food factory in Tashkent.

One of the main purposes of the trademark “Rahmat-Bio Uzbekistan” is to develop, manufacture and distribute products and dishes, which were consumed by the first generation of Muslims, which in its turn will undoubtedly create a good foundation for healthy and harmonious development of our children. We believe that by tasting these dishes, children and the elderly people of our country will want to study the brilliant history of our blessed country in a more careful and thorough way.

We hope, therefore, that the trademark “Rahmat-Bio Uzbekistan” will make a  modest contribution to an appeal of the first President of our country Islam Abduganievich Karimov to carry out a slogan “For healthy generation”. This  appeal will always be an important one for reasonable people and those who wants to take care of their loved ones. It is favorable and, generally speaking not so difficult, to look after health.

Let’s go back to the 7th century, for a moment, – to the glorious period of time, when the first generation of Muslims lived. What did they eat? What did they prefer? Dates, fruits, water, barley bread and, in a rare occasion, meat. Simple and unprocessed food. There is a story saying that one European doctor decided to acquaint the Madina people with his drugs and arranged a caravan, but after some time he went bust and returned to his country with nothing. The reason is everyone in Madina, from baby to adult, was leading a healthy life. Undoubtedly, you will learn more about health and body resistance if you visit remote regions of our motherland and study way of life and food preferences of the respectable elderly people. We may assure you that these people know the value of healthy food and the whole life.

We would like to cite some of the Traditions as well as statements of scientists and doctors concerning proper nutrition. They are as follows:

“A man has never filled a vessel, which is worse than his own belly. It is enough for Adam’s son to eat some pieces of food to maintain his power. But if it is really needed to eat more, let one third of his stomach be used for food, one third for drinking and another one third remain empty for light breathing” (a Tradition cited by imam Ahmad, at – Termezi).

It is reported that after reading this Tradition in a book written by Abu Heisam, doctor Ibn Abi Masaveih said: “If people could properly use these words, they would be able to avoid diseases. Hospitals and drugstores would stay without work”. It is very important nowadays, funnily enough.

Al-Haris ibn Kalyada, “a doctor of the Arabs”, said: “A diet is a master of the entire treatment and gourmandise is a master of all diseases”.

Al-Haris also said: “Death of people and beasts of prey in the wild is caused by the fact that one food is consumed over another – before the first food is digested”.

Another man said: “If those who are in graves were asked: ”What is the cause of your death?”, they would answer: ”Stomach upset”.

Abu Ubeid al-Hawwas said: “Your destruction is caused by satiety, happiness is brought by starvation. When you are sated, you become heavy and fall asleep. So, your enemy may catch you off balance. However, if you are hungry, you will always be on the lookout”.

Amr ibn Kais said: “Beware of gourmandise, because it may really harden your heart”.

One of scientists said: “If you with a potbelly, consider yourself a chronically sick person until you lose weight”.

Kusam al-Abid said: “It is said that the less food a man has the softer his heart is and the wetter his eyes are”.

The products of “Rahmat-Bio Uzbekistan” are made of environmentally friendly ingredients, do not contain chemical additives, preservatives and dyes. All the products are certified.

Hopefully you and your loved ones will like our products, which, at will of the Creator, will have curative effect on you and your relatives.

We wish you good health!


Trademark “Rahmat-Bio Uzbekistan”.

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